How to Get a Pay Raise or Promotion Today in 5 Easy Steps

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Have you been working at the same company or in the same organization 3 years or more without a promotion or raise in pay? If so, it may be time to go see the man or woman in charge and respectfully state your case for both.

Now I know a lot of people are worried that they might not be in the position to do so, but if you have followed some of the steps I have laid out in Tabula Rasa & Capture Your Career about tracking your professional progress and updating the information quarterly, then you should be worry free. If you have not been doing this, then hope is still not lost and with the below information you’ll get to see where you stand at your company, if it’s even worth staying at, and what you need to do to move up.

  1. Prove You Deserve It

Right now jot down everything you have done in the past few years in your position at your organization. Write down everything you have been asked to do (responsibilities), what you have done, and how you have help increase the bottom line (more clients, more money, progress the company, streamlined processes, saved money, etc.). Be honest with yourself and if you seriously deserve a bump in pay or an official title, proceed.


  1. Develop Your Pitch

Once you have this all written, develop a pitch and while you don’t have to memorize it verbatim, be comfortable enough to speak it. You should be able to tell your boss what you are bringing to the table with the new position if promoted or additional responsibilities if given a raise. Reiterate not only are you there for the organization, but you are also there for you superior(s) to help them accomplish any goals they set out. Show them you are fully on board with them personally as well. When they make their professional jumps and leaps, you will want them to reach back and pull you up as well.

Also be sure to stay far away from negativity. Don’t complain, or mention other coworkers, this is about you. Mind your business with a forward thinking positive outlook that not only grants you a big win, but the company as well by having you there happy.

Ensure your metrics go above and beyond. The only thing that matters when talking about ascending in the organization is how you helped them progress. Not your personal issues or feelings, leave them at the door. Think about it the same way you do when you go shopping. Before you buy an item, you rationalize its worth to you. Well before your boss decides to hire, fire, promote, or give you a raise, they are also considering your worth to the company and what is in it for them, carefully consider that.

  1. Ask to schedule a meeting with your boss

If they ask why, respond, “I would like to discuss my current standing and future within the organization.” If it has been more than 3 years it is definitely time for this conversation and some sort of action either on their part or yours shortly thereafter.


  1. Have the Discussion

When you meet with your supervisor it is time to show your A game. There are many ways to start off the conversation, I prefer the approach where you begin telling them how much you enjoy working for the organization, what you have enjoyed working under your supervisor, and what you have learned. After that transition over to things you have accomplished (remember use metrics), how you want to grow with your supervisor to the top tier rungs of the organization, and that you believe (according to the numbers) it is time for more responsibility and more pay to get the job done the right way.

Do not leave the raise open ended. If your superiors are serious about keeping you they will at least consider your offer, so aim high, very high. You are negotiating and if you aim too low not only will they pay you that and you will be stuck at a lower rate than you thought once you compare with your newfound peers, but now they will also not take you as serious. Look up the range for your profession and in the position you are currently in and asked to be considered for what is fair for you within that mid to upper level range (for the upper level range, add an additional 5-10% to the number you find). Err on the high side.


  1. You Receive Pushback

If your offer is declined and nothing is renegotiated, politely find out why. Just ask what you need to be considered a serious candidate for what you ask. If some of the things pointed out are fixable, offer an actionable plan and realistic timeline of these things, either on the spot or come back with one the next day and begin to churn out results. When the time comes try again and if their answer is still a “no” it is time for you to work at another organization.

Don’t give an ultimatum or burn bridges, just start looking for another position elsewhere, something you should already be doing, and definitely have done before you walked into their office. You have to be able to walk out of a situation that is not made for you. While leaving should be your last method, there are times when calling your employer’s bluff works, but if it does be ready to show and prove because now they will fire you if you are not living up to the expectation as some will initially feel you cornered them into a situation. No worries though, those ill feelings will disappear after you show them what a little more money and a bit more authority placed in you can do for their organization and they will want to promote and pay you more even quicker the next time around. That is what companies do for their star employees.


If your superior is not interested in telling you how you can achieve that raise or higher position then this is definitely a red flag and you should be looking for another career.

When being direct the key is to mix in some respect, a bit of charm, and a positive attitude. Have the numbers to back up your request(s), and if all else fails walk. If you have been honing your skills and excelling professionally, leaving shouldn’t be an issue anyway.

See you at the top,


What are some methods you have used to get that promotion or raise?

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