In Episode #1 on Today With King, I welcome special guest Jason Duarte (CEO Monarch Tort Group) to the show to discuss how to become successful and develop as a leader in business.

Jason brings a wealth of elite information and experience to this subject having worked at the executive level of various businesses and organizations before owning multiple ones himself.

If you haven’t reached the levels you want to be professionally, this is a must watch. I met Jason over a year ago and whether he is up early putting in work and getting after it professionally, or grabbing a 12 pack of beers and headed to the golf course at 9am, he put himself in a position to enjoy life on his time.


Show Notes:

    • How to win in any professional industry.
    • How to get your family to buy in and help your business.
    • How to get a better job, position, pay, and more perks!
    • Jason’s take on what is stopping you from achieving your dreams.
    • Jason does a great job of breaking down how the entry-level worker can ascend into an executive position by implementing very simple measures.
    • And much, much more!


What are some methods you have used to dominate the workplace?

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