They say the best way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time.

Well that’s also the best way to accomplish your goals, get one step closer to your vision, and live your life like a dream—the way it was intended.

It’s tough to segment your goals and not look at the big picture. When you take things for face value they often appear difficult if not impossible. If someone pointed to the proverbial mountaintop that reached far into the clouds and told you to get to the top, you’d laugh in their face—subconsciously terrified. But if they told you to get to the top, then showed you the map and the time associated getting to each checkpoint, the information would not only ease your mind, but it would also soften the blow.


The same thing works when you focus on the process. Stop looking at the top of the mountain miles away. Get in there, get dirty, and take one step forward at a time. That elephant, that mountaintop, is your long-term goal you will one day accomplish and everyday you complete another objective toward it you get closer.

Start this week off with that in mind. Focus in on the process and write this week’s goals down now, if you haven’t done so already. Attack them one at a time and don’t worry about what’s next. This methodical process will ensure you’re plugging away to get things done and it will make time fly.

For those with financial woes, you can do the same with money. Figure out how much you want to make by the end of the year, how much you need to make per month, and weekly your activities should revolve around bringing that extra income in to reach your number.

Once you fully break down what you want to accomplish, it becomes feasible in your mind and a lot easier to execute. Instead of attempting to ingest an enormous undertaking all at one time, you separate it, pace yourself, and get it done in steps one after another.

Next time you’re overwhelmed remember, “one bite at a time.”

Happy Monday and have fun getting after it today!

See you at the top,



How do you kickstart your week?

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